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Sustainable clothing

Growing up skateboarding but close to nature in a small town next to the sea created a natural platform for Laesh. We wear streetwear daily but cannot identify with the wear and tear mentality so common today amongst cheap clothing brands. Just a quick glimpse behind the scenes of these sometimes big internationally known brands show unethical and non-sustainable business practices which must be made a thing of the past.

We want to create an affordable and ethical clothing line, not just to make clothes we want to wear ourselves, but to be a part of a bigger revolution taking away manufacturing and business practices that harm nature and people and instead helping create a sustainable and ethical choice for our likeminded friends.

We will never be the biggest brand, and have no intention of being so either, instead we see ourselves as part of a bigger movement coming together to create different kind of brands and clothes to different people but with one overarching goal – to help the global fashion business go from a wear and tear mentality to an ethically and environmentally sustainable business.

A commonly known challenge for ethical and environmentally sustainable brands has been their price point. Laesh is committed to not only sell ethically and environmentally sound products, but to also do so at an affordable price.

A key component in winning against un-ethical and environmentally bad brands is offering not only a great product, but also to an affordable price.

If you’re looking for affordable and environmentally sustainable fashion Laesh is for you.

Why would you support a wear and tear brand with unethical and environmentally unsound manufacturing practices when you can be part of the Laesh movement and wear ethical and environmentally sustainable streetwear?

By using recycled cotton and not coloring our garments we are saving huge amounts of water and also reducing the negative impact on nature. We are committed to cerate a better future through sustainable business practices.

If you’re on the hunt for stylish streetwear basics that are long lasting, look no further than Laesh. Our range of basics include everything from t-shirts to hoodies and tote bags. We offer fair pieces for everyone. Not only are our basics organic and Fair Trade, but they’re also universally flattering and comfortable all-year round. Given their affordable prices and high quality, a purchase from Laesh is sure to make you feel good (laesh).

At Laesh we know that sustainability and quality go together. We believe that fashion and ecological thinking should go together too. Our roots lie in a mix of streetwear, skateboarding and a Nordic tradition of closeness to nature, recycling, and the clean and pure environment of our native Finland.

We grew up skateboarding wearing streetwear everyday but also with a closeness to nature typical for the Nordic countries. Sustainability, recycling and ethical business practices come naturally for us and are very much reflected in Laesh. We are an ethical streetwear and fashion brand determined to make a difference by providing affordable and ethical streetwear fashion to you. Join us in the Laesh revolution.